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Witness a gorgeous HD Earthrise as seen from the moon - CNET
Transport yourself to the moon with high-def videos showing the beauty of an Earthrise and Earthset as seen from lunar orbit.

WikiLeaks emails show Clinton logo was inspired by Apple - CNET
Hillary Clinton's "window logo" was influenced by Apple's old rainbow mark, according to emails posted by WikiLeaks from the account of Clinton's aide John Podesta.
Sprayscape: The wrong way to capture a VR environment - CNET
The new Sprayscape app promises a quick shareable capture of VR environments. But the results are kind of blah.
Pandora kicks off Plus subscription service with logo change - CNET
Pandora Plus offers offline listening, unlimited skips and track replays without commercials for $5 a month.
Can Amazon topple Apple, Spotify in music? (The 3:59, Ep. 122) - CNET
Amazon has a music offer you've got to see to believe. Also, do the Note 7's woes hurt the VR cause?
Ohio votes early as Trump, Clinton battle on - CNET
Social Cues: Meanwhile, WikiLeaks and a Miss Teen USA scandal continue to affect the election.
Tesla sets date for SolarCity vote, promises new joint product on October 28 - Roadshow
Don't expect a car on that date, though.
Mansory's modified Bentley Bentayga might violate the Geneva Convention - Roadshow
This feels like a war crime of some sort.
Huawei's upcoming Mate 9 ready to replace your Galaxy Note 7 - CNET
Leaked images show two versions of the Huawei's next flagship phone: one with a standard edge and another with a dual-edge curved display.
Toyota recalls 92,000 new Prius hybrids for parking brake failure - Roadshow
If you tend to leave your car without putting it in Park, you may want to start doing that.
Self-driving cars hit Great Britain's roads for the first time - Roadshow
They're being sent out in a very limited capacity, but it's a first nevertheless.
YouTube records 124M views for second presidential debate - CNET
Viewing figures were up 40 percent from the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
GameStart Asia dazzles fans in Singapore - CNET
The annual gaming event returns with a focus on e-sports this time around.
Apple's next China foray will be Shenzhen research center - CNET
The center will give Apple access to local talent and the company's manufacturing partners.
You need to know about these smart kitchen gadgets - CNET
The tech and culinary worlds collided last week at the Smart Kitchen Summit in Seattle. The event gave startups and big-name companies a chance to show off the latest in smart cooking tech. Here are some gadgets that stood out.
Filmmakers urge women to start a business - CNET
Charu Sharma's documentary "Go Against the Flow" makes the case for more women founders.
Sci-fi parable 'Arrival' is 'so relevant' to our divided world says Amy Adams - CNET
The gripping sci-fi movie's stars say they had no idea it would take on a deeper meaning in the current political climate.
Samsung braces for Galaxy Note 7 financial fallout - CNET
The company expects to pull in less money as people seek refunds for their now defunct phones.
Lego celebrates The Beatles with Yellow Submarine tribute set, movie - CNET
The Fab Four (and Jeremy from the 1968 film) can all take a spot inside the title vessel in this set, releasing on November 1st.
Smart, suspenseful 'Arrival' reminds us it's good to talk - CNET
Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner chat with aliens in this gripping, relevant parable about the importance of connecting rather than cutting us ourselves off.
Amazon breaks out streaming music in a duet with Echo - CNET
The Spotify-style service packs a price few can beat: full-fledged streaming tunes for $4 a month, if Echo is the only way you play.
Sponges hold the key to the batteries of the future - CNET
A new energy storage device developed by MIT researchers that uses sponge-like structures could outstrip the current carbon-based tech.
Overwatch celebrates 20 million players with Halloween tricks and treats - CNET
A whole bundle of Halloween-themed cosmetic items and new a game mode are out in time to celebrate Overwatch passing another big milestone.
Bill Gates says mosquitoes scare him more than sharks - CNET
The Microsoft billionaire would rather cuddle with Jaws than wander outside into a cloud of skeeters.
Owner releases footage of smoking Note 7 - CNET
Technically Incorrect: In Hawaii, a replacement Note 7 is in its owner's hands. Then it tries to choke her.