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Pedego City Commuter offers e-bike pep (pictures) - CNET
A big battery and twist throttle sets this e-bike apart from conventional bicycles. Here's a look.

Verizon evaluating 'material' effect of massive Yahoo hack - CNET
Verizon says it's examining the impact of the 2014 hack on the company it's spending $4.8 billion to buy.
Samsung: Don't use, don't sell Galaxy Note 7 - CNET
The Galaxy Note 7 appears to be dead for now. Owners are warned to power down both original and replacement devices due to fire concerns.
Samsung calls for halt to sales, exchanges of Galaxy Note 7 - CNET
Company makes request after wireless carriers suspend sales of the device amid probe into fires and explosions. Consumers are warned to turn off their phones.
Twitter CEO rouses his flock in memo: 'We can do this!' - CNET
Jack Dorsey attempts to fire up his employees after there's no apparent potential buyer for the social network.
Spectacular star trails dazzle from the space station - CNET
See the stars a little differently with an exotic view of space and Earth as photographed from the International Space Station.
The real cost of a trip to Mars could be brain damage - CNET
Scientists say the voyage to Mars could turn you into a basket case. And that's before arriving on a planet with dozens of ways to kill you.
Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors suggest no early launch, despite Note 7 drama - CNET
A Samsung tipster states that the alleged Galaxy S8 has a "confirmed" launch date of February 26.
T-Mobile mocks Verizon by getting Ariana Grande thrown out of car - CNET
Technically Incorrect: A new ad debuting on Monday evening shows T-Mobile continuing its laughter at Verizon limiting data.
Yahoo Mail makes it hard to leave, disables auto-forwarding - CNET
The company says it's just working to make the feature better, but angry users ready to ditch the beleaguered email service don't buy it.